Austrian Championships 2022 held at RAN

Austrian Championships 2022 held at RAN

November 11, 2021

After 2020, the Race Around Lower Austria will once again host an Austrian Championship. Was it at the second edition the ÖM Ultra in the solo category, so in the coming year at the 4th edition the ÖM Ultra in the 2-person team will be held.

“We are very pleased to have again received the trust of the cycling federation to host an Austrian championship. Weitra will thus once again be the scene of an important decision and we will again do everything we can to provide a worthy setting!”, said the two RAN organizers Georg Franschitz and Christian Troll, who are eagerly planning the implementation. The solo championships of the men go next year at the Race Across the Alps and the ÖM of the women and in the 4-person team at the Race Around Austria over the stage.

New date and many ideas

After the inaugural event and two “Corona Editions”, the RAN team hopes to stage the race for the first time in front of a great crowd of spectators in the oldest brewery town. “From the very first moment, our big goal was and is to give the brave participants a proper welcome after a lap around Austria’s largest province. We have planned a lot for 2022. There will be some great changes”, Christian Troll already announces. Above all, the date in the coming year will also be new. “With the end of May, we give the participants more time to prepare for the race outdoors, and with the warmer temperatures, we hope for a clearer situation with regard to COVID-19,” says track director Franschitz.

The eight classes in which the winners will be crowned will remain the same. Whether solo, in a team of 2 or 3, the RAN2022 will again be one of the few real cycling adventures where teamwork is also required. In the 2-person team classification it is now additionally still about ÖM gold, silver and bronze.

Registration is already open!

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